It's new and shiney!

Welcome to the NEW Economedical!

After 13 years we could no longer upgrade our site software to be compatible with the latest security trends. It's been a long process to not only choose the right software for the next phase of our journey but to also find something that can make buying medical equipment a bit more fun and let us offer some great deals to our customers.

The layout is a bit different and the look is a bit more modern and will not work across all of your favourite devices, mobile phones, tablets and computers. But the products are the same some new ones will be added in the coming days, we have trimmed some of the dead products and obsolete lines. Our new streamlined processes will also allow for faster order processing and you can expect to see more order status updates so you know when your order is progressing through your new account control panel. 

We will have tracking available from the moment your order is collected by the courier and the new system will also automatically choose the cheapest carrier and show the estimated delivery times, this will reduce your freight costs and also give you a more accurate idea of when you can expect the delivery.

As with any new project testing can be hit and miss, we have carried out trial orders and tested the freight matrix, we have tested the billing system and the stock tracking, but you never know what little things might pop up. If you find any issues with the store please hit the contact us link on any page or give us a call and let us know and we can get the tech guys onto to it asap.  Ph 02 4337 8155.

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