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Walmay is Australia's manufacturer of handheld, liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryosurgical and cryospray devices used to treat a wide range of common skin lesions.


The Advantage of Using Walmay Cryospray

Primary care physicians can simply and quickly treat such problems
as keratoses, condaylomata, warts, skin tags and other skin lesions
every day using Walmay Cryospray. Not only is the procedure simple, there are many benefits for both the physician and the patient in its use.
These include:-

  • Minimum preparation and quick application, therefore faster patient turn around
  • No anaesthesia
  • Little if any patient after care required
  • Cryosurgery is well received by patients

Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery using Walmay Cryospray is probably the simplest and quickest procedure you could execute during a consultation. Liquid Nitrogen is relatively inexpensive and widely distributed throughout Australia. In times of increasing cost pressures for both the physician and patient, the practitioner who uses Walmay Cryospray benefits both by:-

  • Increasing productivity. In about the same time that it takes to write a referral, the primary care practitioner can treat the patient.
  • Saving the patient considerable time and expense. The treatment is normally carried out in the one interview, therefore your patient is spared the time and associated expenses of a referral.

Some advanced and complicated conditions you will refer to a dermatologist, but there
are many, times when your practice would make use of Walmay Cryospray.
By using Walmay Cryospray you will be making available another service to your
patients not widely offered by primary care physicians. This will build your practice and
further help in patient retention.
The Walmay Cryospray is designed and manufactured in Australian, precision made
instrument ensuring the physician continuing reliability. If you are already a cryosurgery
practitioner, you can confidently update with a Walmay Cryospray.

Features of Walmay Cryospray

  • The regulator and safety valve, incorporated in the one unit, are our own design and is precision machined from a solid brass billet.
  • A stainless steel vacuum container that feels comfortable in the hand with the  operating fingers falling naturally on the regulator control. This makes it a balanced and fatigue free instrument to use.
  • The 0.3L vacuum container will retain a full days supply of liquid nitrogen.
  • Set of five brass spray tips - four directional cone shaped tips, with varying orifice, for accurate visual aiming during treatment, and one bent spray extension are  supplied with the instrument.
  • Registered under the ARTG Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.
  • Table stand for product stability.
  • Carry bag for easy transport from surgery to surgery.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Accessories Extractor, available for unit filling.
  • NEW more stable base
  • NEW thicker probe for tips
  • NEW filter on siphon tube to reduce contamination


Model # 1630
Brand Walmay
Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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